Power Quality Consulting & Training

With three decades of experience in developing computer models for electrical networks of all sizes, PQ Logic stands at the forefront of advanced Power Systems analysis. We offer specialized assistance in the creation of models that can be used in engineering tasks ranging from system documentation to complex studies such as system faults, harmonics simulation/IEEE 519 compliance, voltage drop/sag analysis and power flow simulation.


Our approach to Power Quality consists of a highly structured methodology that relies on two key strategic concepts: PQ Intelligence (PQi) and PQ Analytics (PQa).


Power Quality Intelligence (PQi) is a technology-driven process that consists in the collection, and analysis of electrical disturbance and steady-state data.  The objective is to create a factual picture of what is happening in the system.  This stage is designed to answer the following questions: What? When? Where? How many?, and it includes detailed reporting, brain mapping and interactive dashboards to drill through the collected data.


Power Quality Analytics (PQa) is the "root-cause" analysis needed to understand the picture depicted by the PQi data. It's objective is to determine the Why? and the How? of things.  The process includes statistical & quantitative analysis, data mining,  predictive modelling, brain mapping and multivariate testing.


Parallel to consulting work, PQ Logic conducts advanced ad-hoc engineering training and delivers lectures in power systems & power quality to audiences and other consultants all around the globe.

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